What is an East Fund Ambassador?

East Fund Ambassadors are Shawnee Mission East students that serve as liaisons from the East Fund Board to the student body and community.  The East Fund Ambassadors promote the East Fund via social media and representation.

2019-2020 East Fund Ambassadors

Sarah Bledsoe, 12th Grade

Kala Christian, 12th Grade

Paige Lynch, 12th Grade

Chloe Sowden, 12th Grade​

Lindsey Brown, 10th Grade

Greer Hembree, 10th Grade

Barrett McKee, 10th Grade

Blake Sowden, 10th Grade

​John Spencer, 10th Grade

For more information about the East Fund Ambassadors, contact Jane Emley at kuandfm@sbcglobal.net

Lawder DeSantis, 11th Grade

Ashton Emley, 11th Grade

Rose Kanaley, 11th Grade

Dom Zanone, 11th Grade