Alumni Reunion Tours Committee 

Beth Fowler, 

Grants Committee Members
(Sarah Dornbusch, Chairperson)

Sarah Dornbusch, Grants Committe,

Adam Finkleston, Faculty Rep Grants Committee,

Krista Fort, Grants Committee,

Mike Kanaley, Grants Committee,

Jenny Housley, Grants Committee,

Jodi McGannon, ​Grants Committee,

Virginia Popper, Grants Committee,

Nikol Terrill, Grants Committee,

Communications Committee Members
(Suzanne Schutt, Chairperson)

Board Members

Jenny Spencer, President,

Carrie Hembree, President Elect, 

Lindsay Sowden, Secretary,
Jenny Benschoter, Treasurer, 
Michelle Tilton, Alumni Relations, 
Suzanne Schutt, Communications,     

Julie Roth, Development,

Casey Brock, Auction,   
Sarah Dornbusch, Grants Chairman,    
Heather Kimmel, Nominating,
Tiffany Connelly, Video Board/Advertising,

Jane Emley, Student Ambassadors,

Lauri Bledsoe, Past President,
Scott Sherman, Principal, 
Margo Mikkelson, PTA Representative,

How the East Fund started

Our story began in 2003, when a group of parents founded The East Fund Fund, which is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and quality of educational programming for students at Shawnee Mission East.  

Our didactic grants focus on three areas:

  • Student and Classroom Programs
  • Technology Enhancements
  • Professional Development

The mission of The East Fund is to bring together the diverse community at Shawnee Mission East, to identify the best ways to enhance the educational experience for students and teachers alike, and to create resources to offer the widest possible range of opportunities for all students and teachers to reach their maximum potential.

Our goal is to purposely provide stretch, creativity and innovation, to benefit every student at Shawnee Mission East.

Our vision is to create a learning environment where expectations are high, with the mutual commitment of young people and adults to achieve them.